First Post!

Three Daughter Dad!  The name of the blog says it all. As a dad with three Daughters, things can be….well hectic (at times dramatic). Growing up with an older brother, and no sisters, the world of girls was definitely a new experience.  Trying to balance faith, family, work, and extracurricular activities leaves little time (or $) for anything else. So…my goal is to highlight things that I do, build, create to keep active and keep some sense of manliness in my life. 

Each blog will contain ideas and/or reviews of products that will hopefully inspire others to find time to create. Upcoming blogs to include (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Body Beast Review
  2. DIY smoker
  3. DIY PVC Bow
  4. DIY Bench Press and Squat Rack
  5. DIY tricep push down system
  6. DIY Dumbell Rack
  7. Spotify review
  8. Amazon Prime Benefits
  9. Cheap and easy Truck mods
  10. Fitness tips and accessories. 

Currently I am at gym watching my middle daughter master a back handspring. 



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