Finding time for…. time!

As I said in my body beast review, as a Threedaughterdad, I have to be selfish with my time at 5:30 am. If I want to find time to workout, this is when I have to do it. Along with that, is finding time for another important part of being a good husband and dad. Spending time in Gods word. For me, this is a challange. But I know the importance of it.  Just like being physically fit, I need to be spiritually fit.  Just like having the right equipment for working out, I have with me at all times the “right equipment” to spend time becoming spiritually fit. My iPhone…  I use the YouVersion Bible app. What makes it so easy is that it has tons of versions of the bible.  Personally I like the New Living Translation (NLT) because it is a modern translation. The Message version is a good one as well for the same reason. The other key for me is the daily devotional or reading plans. There are so many topics to choose from and I can set up daily reminders or email delivery of my chosen topic. I just started “7 Keys to a Great Family” today.   Why is making time for a daily Devo so hard?  I guess it is a choice. We tend to put our priorities in the wrong order all the time. But the fact is, where we place our focus, our lives follow. 




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