Covered Patio on a budget

I was looking for an easy and inexpensive idea to create a covered patio on our deck. We live having a deck but there are times when a little shade would be nice. So we found a decorative Ez-up tent and within 15 minutes we had our patio. We arranged our furniture underneath, added some lighting (diy lantern will be in the next blog post) and we have a covered patio on a budget.

After researching for a decorative canopy, I liked the looks of this one but at $960 dollars, that wasn’t quite the budget number I was thinking.
 So I kept looking and found the same look but without the wicker and the price tag for considerably less.  139 on Amazon.

It is simple to put up. The feet have two holes in them so I just used some wood screws to anchor it to the deck.

One of the important feature is the vent. It allows it to be kept up in windy conditions.

Here is the final product….


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