Make your own TRX style straps (under $40)

Skill Level- Easy…

This is a super simple way to create your own suspension straps with 1 set of tie downs from home depot and a couple handles from Amazon and your ready to go.

List of items needed:

  1. Tie Down Straps
  2. Handles

That’s it.   

Here is what the straps look like.  I chose these because they are:

1.  1,200 lbs. straight tension strength

2.  Individual 1in. strap has vinyl-coated hook on 1 end and a zinc-plated hook on the other

3.  Straps are double-stitched with woven webbing

4.  Soft hook straps prevent scratching or marring

That makes them strong enough to handle my weight and the hooks are a perfect fit for the handles.
 Cajun Tie Downs-Tie Down – 1 Inch Cam Buckle – Digital Camo – 12 Feet “>  
Cajun Tie Downs-Tie Down – 1 Inch Cam Buckle – Digital Camo – 12 Feet “>
Here are the style of handle I choose. 

 Champion Barbell Single Chrome Handle Cable Attachments “>  

My basement is unfinished so it was easy for me to put two “I” screws (pictured below) in the doorway.   Hang them from the hooks, adjust as needed and your ready to go with your adjustable suspension straps.  They are easy to travel with and can easily be used at a park or playground by looping over the monkey bars.  


Heres a quick video of the straps in action.


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