Bench Press and Squat Rack for under $20

The name of the blog explains why I cannot seem to buy a fancy bench and squat rack. Having 3 Daughters that are involved in sports, cheer, equestiran and of course friends, leaves little money to splurge on Weight equipment.  So the next best option is to build my own. Using some $4 2×4’s some Gorilla wood glue and drywall screws, I have a strong and functional bench press and squat rack.  As I considered my options I did some online research and found an awesome DIY power rack on BUFF Dudes youtube channel.  Although I love the idea, keeping my cost low was important.  If you choose a basic flat bench from Amazon for around $44 and the 2×4’s, for under $65 you can be ready to start lifting.   So here is what I came up with. 


Two 2×4’s glued together and secured with wood screws every 12″. I determined the angles based on my bench and the length I needed from the wall. The bar supports (for now) are the end pieces cut off one of the 2×4’s and screwed on with the angle facing up and out.  Eventually I will drill 1″ holes in the boards and us a 1″ piece of steel pipe to make an adjustable system so I can place the bar higher for squats.  (I will update the blog with Pics when I get that done).






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