Home Gym Entertainment for a 3 year old.

When its time to workout, there has to be something besides TV to keep a 3 year old entertained.  With some scap lumber from a construction dumpster, some 500lb capacity rope, and utilizing the “I” Screws that I use for my DIY suspension straps (in previous post), I made a simple swing that keeps my little one happy. Like we all know, its not the toy, its the box that it comes in that is the most entertaining for kids. So a homemade thing is more exciting than her other toys.  Besides, what person would think it was cool to swing in the house.   With the help from the littlest of the threedaughterdad goup, we used some scrap 2X8’s, some Gorilla glue and some 3″ dry wall scres to make a swing.  A few holes drilled to make it stable and a couple knots tied in the right places to keep it from tipping, we have a swing that my littlest one loves.  Underneath is a Yoga mat and on top of that is a thick blanket folded in half to provide a soft surface underneath.  I used a couple of carribiners to make it easy to attach.


Hours of fun…


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