Silly boys, Marshmallow Shooters are for girls! (& dads)

So my middle daughter of the threedaughterdad crew and I spent some time creating some diy stuff over the weekend. I made a 1/2 blowgun recently (perfect size for mini marshmallows) and she wanted her own. So after a quick trip to the hardware store and about 5 dollars in pvc we had what we needed to get started.  

Supply list:

-2′ piece if 1/2″ pvc

-T connector

-End cap

Next, cut 4″ off the 2′ section

Then cut the remaining 20″ piece in half. 

Lay all the pieces out. 

Put together with a gentle tap. We used a rubber mallet. 


After all the pieces are assembled, you end up with this

She used some duct tape from some of her previous crafts (nothing like pink and camo color scheme) and wrapped it up to look like this…

   Here is a video of the marshmallow shooter in action (with slow motion for maximum effect).  

 Nothing like a family marshmallow war to bring out the kid in all of us. 


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