Puppy love!

Its been a while since we had a dog. Out last dog was a miniature Dachsund (Polly) which we believe was a sweet natured person In a dogs body. We had her before kids so as our threedaughters came along, they had Polly as part of their family from day one. 

It’s been about 4 years since we lost Polly (after 18 years as a part of our family). This past weekend we got a new rescue puppy from the Morgan County Humane Society in Madison, Ga. 

She is a 3 month old mixed breed. Part Dachsund and part ?? (Corgi or basset or Fiest). After a long debate about names, we settled on Daisy. 

Every rescue pet has a story and there are so many varieties out there. Big to small, mixed breeds to pure breads. Support your local Humane society or shelter and if it’s right for your family, rescue a dog.  



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