Military Phonetic Alphabet 

Saw this on blog and thought it was worth repeating.  I travel quite a bit and confirmation numbers for hotel stays are always a mix of numbers and letters. So heres the question, have your ever been on a phone call and need to give a number with letters in it (example..VIN number on a vehicle to your insurance agent) to the person on the other end and you struggle through it trying to come up with words to use with the letters like K- Kangaroo, U- Umbrella or D-Dog.   Check out for free downloadable pdf’s and flash cards or just keep the image below handy below for reference.

One interseting thing is that this phonetic alphabet has channged several times over the years.  Originally developed in 1913 and revised in 1927, again in 1938, and then around WWII the version we have today was put in place.  The only letter to never change through all of the variations is X (X-ray).  


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