Shave like my Grandad!

I remember being a little guy watching my grandad shave, and he always used a razor that was different than my dads.  I know it was different, but it wasnt until about a year ago, that I really understood why.  Being a 4 or 5 blade guy for years, I finally made the plunge into to world of the Safety Razor.  After doing some research, about blades, type of brushes and type of soap to use, I am now officially a safety razor shaver.  Nothing makes you feel more manly than whipping up a hot lather in your cup, and applying the soap to your face.  The advantage, besides the clean feel from the safety razor, is the price is minimal compared to the 4 and 5 blade cartridges.  To top it off, I finish up with some old school   

Clubman Pinaud aftershave which has one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen on Amazon whih is pictured below.  



So, do yourself a favor and  “man up” and start shaving like a real man.

Shop Amazon for all of your Safety Razor needs.


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