The email Awakening!

I got an email today from one of my best customers and it was like cold water being thrown on me.  The email consisted of seven words and are as follows:

Too busy to even talk these days?

 Hmmmm…  With so many ways to communicate, I had responded to his voicemail with an email or maybe a text, but either way the lack of spoken words was the issue. Of course his email prompted an immediate phone call.  I started to evaluate how I respond to my customers and potential customers. Was the smartphones ability to text, email, or tweet taking away from what is so important in the world of sales. Relationship!!!  People do business with people. 

 As the pic above says, it’s a matter of priority. Don’t get caught I the trap of letting your media communicate with your customer. So much emotion gets lost or mis-interpreted in emails or text. Actually speaking with people is far better any day. Evaluate your method of communication and see if you need anyone in your life (work, family, friends, God)  need to send you the same email I got. 


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