Worth trying yourself!

I have to say I’m fortunate to have had a grandfather who was a guy who could fix/build anything. I spent a lot of time with him and as a little guy was always wide-eyed when he would work on cars,  building things from wood or making home improvements. 

    I guess my brain works in such a way that I can look at most thing and understand how they work. So when my starter decided to go out, 

  I decided to change it myself. Fortunately if you’ve never done it before, there will most likely be a video online with details on how to do it.  Most repairs are not difficult, they just take patience and confidence. 

The starter on the trailblazer is not easy to get to.  You have to remove the front wheel and end up working through a small space in the wheel well.  

 Patience was the key. A starter has two bolts (in most cases) that hold it in place and two more that connect the wires that make if function.  

 So do your research, make sure you have the right tools, and tackle that next project yourself.  In the process you will save some money and learn something. 


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