My Simple Morning

On your mark, get set, SNOOZE BUTTON!


That is how I typically would start my day.  I’ve had times where I have been disciplined enough to get up and workout.  Here lately that has not been the case.  Being a dad of 3 daughters with full time job, rec soccer coach, taxi driver, husband, volunteer, husband, ect…  Making time for exercise has moved to the back burner.  As I look back at the times when I have be consistent with exercise, I have to ask myself, what was different.  The answer….  A ROUTINE.  Nothing over complex or complicated, but a simple, planned routine.

Trying to figure out where and how to start is the hardest part!

Over the next few weeks, I will introduce the “My Simple Morning” plan that, for busy parents (or anyone who needs a simple plan), will help you create a routine.  You will learn about the 3 C’s of a simple morning!

A morning without a plan is like a day without a purpose! tweet this

The best part is it takes 12 minutes.  Just 12 minutes!! 12 minutes to become more focused, energized and thankful. Can just 12 minutes change your day?

Stay tuned to find out!!


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