Silly boys, Marshmallow Shooters are for girls! (& dads)

So my middle daughter of the threedaughterdad crew and I spent some time creating some diy stuff over the weekend. I made a 1/2 blowgun recently (perfect size for mini marshmallows) and she wanted her own. So after a quick trip to the hardware store and about 5 dollars in pvc we had what we needed to get started.  

Supply list:

-2′ piece if 1/2″ pvc

-T connector

-End cap

Next, cut 4″ off the 2′ section

Then cut the remaining 20″ piece in half. 

Lay all the pieces out. 

Put together with a gentle tap. We used a rubber mallet. 


After all the pieces are assembled, you end up with this

She used some duct tape from some of her previous crafts (nothing like pink and camo color scheme) and wrapped it up to look like this…

   Here is a video of the marshmallow shooter in action (with slow motion for maximum effect).  

 Nothing like a family marshmallow war to bring out the kid in all of us. 


Diy Microwave popcorn

An easy and healthier option for microwave popcorn. All you need is a paper sack (lunch style) popcorn kernels, olive oil and salt.  Grab your paper bag and let’s get started. 

Gather your supplies. To make it simple I grabbed a 1/3 measuring cup from the measuring cup and spoon organizer from a previous blog. 

Next is a 1/2 Table spoon. 

Fill the 1/3 cup with kernels. 

Pour in the bag

Add the oil 

Fold over twice

Place in Microwave

Set timer for 2:00 (give or take a minute depending on your microwave)

Listen for the kernels to slow popping and your ready to serve. 

Add some salt to taste!!

Delicious and easy microwave popcorn. 


DIY Tricep Pushdown

Check out my easy DIY Tricep pushdown system. Simple to make and effective.  A few eye screws, carribeaners, and pullies.  Grab some 500lb capacity rope and your set.  The carribeaners and pullies are all weight rated above any weight that I would use from a system like this.  The end opposite the handle has another carribeaner that goes around the handle of a dumbell or kettelbell and clips back to the rope.  As with paracord, I always burn the ends of the cut rope to keep it from fraying.  

DIY Smoker!!!

Here is an Easy DIY project you can do in a weekend.  Not only is it easy, you can get a high quality ceramic smoker without the cost.  Compared to the cost of the Big Green Egg, this is an effective alternative.

DIY Ceramic Smoker
DIY Ceramic Smoker

Start with a few washers for each side of the lid.  The lid comes with a hole pre-drilled.  You will need the bigger washer to cover the hole and the washer with the small hole to keep the knob lined up.

 With a trip to you local hardware store (Home Depot or Lowe’s) you can get almost everything you need to complete this easy DIY Project for around 50 dollars.


18″ Ceramic Flower Pot
18″ Description
18″ Low Bowl Ceramic Pot
18″ Low Bowl Description
Fits 22.5
Fits 22.5″ Weber Grill9
Proctor Silex Hot Plate.
Proctor Silex Hot Plate.
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (These accessories will require a drill):

Drawer/Cabinet Pull
Drawer/Cabinet Pull

Once you have all of the required items, it is just a matter of putting it together.  The basic version (without accessories) is just a matter of putting the Proctor Silex hot plate in the bottom of the pot with the cord being fed through the existing hole in the bottom center.

Cord feeds through existing hole without alterations.
Cord feeds through existing hole without alterations.

Second, place the grate in the pot.  The grate may needed to be rotated in order to find the right balance but it fits almost perfect.

Burner and Grate in the Ceramic Pot.
Burner and Grate in the Ceramic Pot.
Next, put the 18″ Low Bowl on top and you are almost ready.

-Grab a heavy duty metal round pan, fill with wood chips, place it on the burner,  set the temp to High and watch the smoker do its thing.

KIND BARS Copycat-Nut Delight

I found several easy recipes for a DIY KIND BAR Nut Delight. Easy to make and turned out really good.  I used this recipe

I altered it a little so I could use what I had on hand  but they turned out great.  

I used 3 1/2 cup of the raw mixed (unsalted) nuts from Target.  Remember to toast the nuts for 10 minutes on 350.   

I Used 1/2 Cup of Fibre One pictured below instead of puffed rice.   

I didn’t have brown rice Syrup so I used Light Karo and Honey heated to 260 degrees.     

Here is the finished product. They are a hit with the whole family.  Simple to make. Took about 20 minutes total with the majority of that time being spent heating and stirring the syrup/honey mixture.   Wrap them individually in wax paper and twist the ends like a tootsie roll for a transportable healthy snack.   


DIY Dumbbell Rack

I was tired of my Dumbbells being on the floor so with a $11 dollar investment, i was able to solve that problem. After a trip to Lowes i decided to use a 4′ stair tred from Lowe’s.  I like the stair tred because it is thicker than a regular 1×12. WIth a few scrap 2×8’s from the neighborhood construction dumpster and a 2×4 as a support underneath,  I have a functional dumbell rack.   Like my other projects some Gorilla Glue and drywall screws holds it all together. DIY dumbbell rack. 




Home Gym Entertainment for a 3 year old.

When its time to workout, there has to be something besides TV to keep a 3 year old entertained.  With some scap lumber from a construction dumpster, some 500lb capacity rope, and utilizing the “I” Screws that I use for my DIY suspension straps (in previous post), I made a simple swing that keeps my little one happy. Like we all know, its not the toy, its the box that it comes in that is the most entertaining for kids. So a homemade thing is more exciting than her other toys.  Besides, what person would think it was cool to swing in the house.   With the help from the littlest of the threedaughterdad goup, we used some scrap 2X8’s, some Gorilla glue and some 3″ dry wall scres to make a swing.  A few holes drilled to make it stable and a couple knots tied in the right places to keep it from tipping, we have a swing that my littlest one loves.  Underneath is a Yoga mat and on top of that is a thick blanket folded in half to provide a soft surface underneath.  I used a couple of carribiners to make it easy to attach.


Hours of fun…

Bench Press and Squat Rack for under $20

The name of the blog explains why I cannot seem to buy a fancy bench and squat rack. Having 3 Daughters that are involved in sports, cheer, equestiran and of course friends, leaves little money to splurge on Weight equipment.  So the next best option is to build my own. Using some $4 2×4’s some Gorilla wood glue and drywall screws, I have a strong and functional bench press and squat rack.  As I considered my options I did some online research and found an awesome DIY power rack on BUFF Dudes youtube channel.  Although I love the idea, keeping my cost low was important.  If you choose a basic flat bench from Amazon for around $44 and the 2×4’s, for under $65 you can be ready to start lifting.   So here is what I came up with. 


Two 2×4’s glued together and secured with wood screws every 12″. I determined the angles based on my bench and the length I needed from the wall. The bar supports (for now) are the end pieces cut off one of the 2×4’s and screwed on with the angle facing up and out.  Eventually I will drill 1″ holes in the boards and us a 1″ piece of steel pipe to make an adjustable system so I can place the bar higher for squats.  (I will update the blog with Pics when I get that done).





Make your own TRX style straps (under $40)

Skill Level- Easy…

This is a super simple way to create your own suspension straps with 1 set of tie downs from home depot and a couple handles from Amazon and your ready to go.

List of items needed:

  1. Tie Down Straps
  2. Handles

That’s it.   

Here is what the straps look like.  I chose these because they are:

1.  1,200 lbs. straight tension strength

2.  Individual 1in. strap has vinyl-coated hook on 1 end and a zinc-plated hook on the other

3.  Straps are double-stitched with woven webbing

4.  Soft hook straps prevent scratching or marring

That makes them strong enough to handle my weight and the hooks are a perfect fit for the handles.
 Cajun Tie Downs-Tie Down – 1 Inch Cam Buckle – Digital Camo – 12 Feet “>  
Cajun Tie Downs-Tie Down – 1 Inch Cam Buckle – Digital Camo – 12 Feet “>
Here are the style of handle I choose. 

 Champion Barbell Single Chrome Handle Cable Attachments “>  

My basement is unfinished so it was easy for me to put two “I” screws (pictured below) in the doorway.   Hang them from the hooks, adjust as needed and your ready to go with your adjustable suspension straps.  They are easy to travel with and can easily be used at a park or playground by looping over the monkey bars.  


Heres a quick video of the straps in action.