KIND BARS Copycat-Nut Delight

I found several easy recipes for a DIY KIND BAR Nut Delight. Easy to make and turned out really good.  I used this recipe

I altered it a little so I could use what I had on hand  but they turned out great.  

I used 3 1/2 cup of the raw mixed (unsalted) nuts from Target.  Remember to toast the nuts for 10 minutes on 350.   

I Used 1/2 Cup of Fibre One pictured below instead of puffed rice.   

I didn’t have brown rice Syrup so I used Light Karo and Honey heated to 260 degrees.     

Here is the finished product. They are a hit with the whole family.  Simple to make. Took about 20 minutes total with the majority of that time being spent heating and stirring the syrup/honey mixture.   Wrap them individually in wax paper and twist the ends like a tootsie roll for a transportable healthy snack.   



Make your own TRX style straps (under $40)

Skill Level- Easy…

This is a super simple way to create your own suspension straps with 1 set of tie downs from home depot and a couple handles from Amazon and your ready to go.

List of items needed:

  1. Tie Down Straps
  2. Handles

That’s it.   

Here is what the straps look like.  I chose these because they are:

1.  1,200 lbs. straight tension strength

2.  Individual 1in. strap has vinyl-coated hook on 1 end and a zinc-plated hook on the other

3.  Straps are double-stitched with woven webbing

4.  Soft hook straps prevent scratching or marring

That makes them strong enough to handle my weight and the hooks are a perfect fit for the handles.
 Cajun Tie Downs-Tie Down – 1 Inch Cam Buckle – Digital Camo – 12 Feet “>  
Cajun Tie Downs-Tie Down – 1 Inch Cam Buckle – Digital Camo – 12 Feet “>
Here are the style of handle I choose. 

 Champion Barbell Single Chrome Handle Cable Attachments “>  

My basement is unfinished so it was easy for me to put two “I” screws (pictured below) in the doorway.   Hang them from the hooks, adjust as needed and your ready to go with your adjustable suspension straps.  They are easy to travel with and can easily be used at a park or playground by looping over the monkey bars.  


Heres a quick video of the straps in action.


I listen to the nationally syndicated Bobby Bones show almost every morning.  Yes it is a morning show that plays country music, but…. Its not like your typical Radio show.  They are a great group of non-radio people that have fun and encourage others.  Besides country, they will highlight other types of music especially on the “Friday Morning Dance Party”.  There is also a segment called “Tell Me Something Good” which only highlights good news stories.  Aside from the music, one of the coolest things they do is a #pimpinjoy campaign.  In its simplest form, it is spreading (pimpin) joy to others.  It could be as simple as buying the persons coffee who is in line behind you or buy buying tires for a needy single mom. It doesn’t have to be monetary, it could be as simple as offering encouragement or a compliment to a server at a restaurant or the clerk at the grocery store.  Just look for any opportunity to do a kind deed for someone. You’ll find that it is contagious.  So go ahead, Pimp some Joy!  Search The Bobby Bones show to find a local station that carries it.  If there is no local station, download iHeart Radio and search it there.

Click the icon below to download iHeart Radio.

Finding time for…. time!

As I said in my body beast review, as a Threedaughterdad, I have to be selfish with my time at 5:30 am. If I want to find time to workout, this is when I have to do it. Along with that, is finding time for another important part of being a good husband and dad. Spending time in Gods word. For me, this is a challange. But I know the importance of it.  Just like being physically fit, I need to be spiritually fit.  Just like having the right equipment for working out, I have with me at all times the “right equipment” to spend time becoming spiritually fit. My iPhone…  I use the YouVersion Bible app. What makes it so easy is that it has tons of versions of the bible.  Personally I like the New Living Translation (NLT) because it is a modern translation. The Message version is a good one as well for the same reason. The other key for me is the daily devotional or reading plans. There are so many topics to choose from and I can set up daily reminders or email delivery of my chosen topic. I just started “7 Keys to a Great Family” today.   Why is making time for a daily Devo so hard?  I guess it is a choice. We tend to put our priorities in the wrong order all the time. But the fact is, where we place our focus, our lives follow. 



Body Beast Review

//” target=”_blank”>BODY BEAST

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.   That is how I would describe every day as a threedaugherdad.  Being fit is a challenge.  So what is my secret.  Be selfish with my time at 5:30 am.

If you are like me, I started working out and used the  Weider Principles…. Old School Lifting.  That is what Body Beast is…..Old School Lifting.

I ordered my Body Beast from Amazon.  It turns out there are several options available.   I got the “Base Kit” for $49 and as a Amazon Prime member, I got two day free shipping.

The good news is, you don’t need a lot of equipment to do Body Beast.  A few dumbbells or a good adjustable set of dumbbells and a bench (if you don’t have a bench, an exercise ball will work) is all you need to get going.  Dumbbells and a simple bench can be found on Craigslist for fairly inexpensive.

This is definitely not a high intensity program like P90x or Insanity, but it is a tough workout.  How hard you push yourself, is going to determine the results.  I like Sagi and his calm but motivating nature.  The other thing that makes it great for me is the fact that I travel and once you’ve done a workout, you don’t need the video to repeat it.  I choose my hotels based on the fitness centers.  Most Marriott and Hilton’s have weight rooms with a bench and a full rack of dumbbells.

This is the only time I have ever taken an interest in following the diet plan.  I like the fact that I am eating around 2500-2800 calories per day.  I am tracking all of my food intake with myfitnesspal.

If you need and idea to build a bench ( look at buff dudes YouTube page for a good example.

First Post!

Three Daughter Dad!  The name of the blog says it all. As a dad with three Daughters, things can be….well hectic (at times dramatic). Growing up with an older brother, and no sisters, the world of girls was definitely a new experience.  Trying to balance faith, family, work, and extracurricular activities leaves little time (or $) for anything else. So…my goal is to highlight things that I do, build, create to keep active and keep some sense of manliness in my life. 

Each blog will contain ideas and/or reviews of products that will hopefully inspire others to find time to create. Upcoming blogs to include (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Body Beast Review
  2. DIY smoker
  3. DIY PVC Bow
  4. DIY Bench Press and Squat Rack
  5. DIY tricep push down system
  6. DIY Dumbell Rack
  7. Spotify review
  8. Amazon Prime Benefits
  9. Cheap and easy Truck mods
  10. Fitness tips and accessories. 

Currently I am at gym watching my middle daughter master a back handspring.