Shake Shake Shake….

Shake Shake Shake.. Shake your protein. I love my new shaker and from all places Walmart.  Just like every other shaker it is a plastic (BPA free) shaker with the little spring ball mixer in it.   It was 13.72 at Walmart, but can be picked up on Amazon for 12.59 (Prime Item so two day free shipping).  Click here for Amazon Description.  

Link to Walmart.

The cool added feature is the little compartment that screws in the bottom that conveniently holds one scoop of protein.

But to make it even cooler there is another compartment inside the bottom lid that holds vitamins or supplements. For me, this is great. When I travel, I can keep all my protein and vitamins in one neat container.

Here is a quick video of it all going together.

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Body Beast Review

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BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.   That is how I would describe every day as a threedaugherdad.  Being fit is a challenge.  So what is my secret.  Be selfish with my time at 5:30 am.

If you are like me, I started working out and used the  Weider Principles…. Old School Lifting.  That is what Body Beast is…..Old School Lifting.

I ordered my Body Beast from Amazon.  It turns out there are several options available.   I got the “Base Kit” for $49 and as a Amazon Prime member, I got two day free shipping.

The good news is, you don’t need a lot of equipment to do Body Beast.  A few dumbbells or a good adjustable set of dumbbells and a bench (if you don’t have a bench, an exercise ball will work) is all you need to get going.  Dumbbells and a simple bench can be found on Craigslist for fairly inexpensive.

This is definitely not a high intensity program like P90x or Insanity, but it is a tough workout.  How hard you push yourself, is going to determine the results.  I like Sagi and his calm but motivating nature.  The other thing that makes it great for me is the fact that I travel and once you’ve done a workout, you don’t need the video to repeat it.  I choose my hotels based on the fitness centers.  Most Marriott and Hilton’s have weight rooms with a bench and a full rack of dumbbells.

This is the only time I have ever taken an interest in following the diet plan.  I like the fact that I am eating around 2500-2800 calories per day.  I am tracking all of my food intake with myfitnesspal.

If you need and idea to build a bench ( look at buff dudes YouTube page for a good example.