My Simple Morning Routine




  1. Your brain has been resting all night and you have the most room for clarity in the morning.
  2. Willpower is highest in the morning so start strong!
  3. Your first thoughts and first activity should be something meaningful.

From the Book: Psychodynamic Neurology: Dreams, Consciousness, and Virtual Reality:

After sleep “there is more receptive capacity and more storage space.  That is why most people find that the morning is the best time for them to do “head work”.”

There is a ton of research on the positive benefits of exercise in the morning and how endorphin’s ramp up your brain and body for the day.  The website has this to say about exercise in the morning:

“People who exercise in the morning before breakfast may enjoy benefits, such as increased energy throughout the day and greater weight loss. Making morning exercise a habit can improve your performance during the day and help you sleep better at night. People who exercise before breakfast in the morning may also enjoy burning more calories than those who exercise later in the day.”

We all have problems that we face everyday.  Some external and some internal.  We have to work hard to clear our mind first thing in the morning.

Developing a routine or a habit is key to making each day start positive.  There is enough that happens out of our control each day, so taking 12 minutes to set our mood and mind for the day helps us start the day positive.

To slightly change a quote by Henry Ford a bit…Results don’t come from what you are going to do  “tweet this



The 3 C’s:



3- Clarity

Over the next 3 weeks, I will cover each of these in more detail.  These 3 each take 4 minutes.  12 minutes to start your day with a new routine that will give you more clarity, confidence, and energy.

There have been countless interviews and blog post about successful people and their morning routines.  The fact that they have one is what is most important.  Can you get some great ideas from them, yes.  But does your routine need to mirror theirs? No.  Having one and starting the day strong and positive is key.  Routines have to be different because everyone’s morning starts at a different time and in a different way.

We all need to be striving for Constant Improvement if your not embarrassed by who you were last year, your not making progress.

If you don,t think you can create 12 minutes to get your day started off the right way, you could always take some advice from Mark Twain….

Live Fron



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