DIY Patience

So if your like me, you love DIY projects.  We research, plan and prepare as we design and build .  But do we do that when it comes to being a good dad and having patience. I would say that paitence is one of the biggest things all men sturggle with.  I am 100% responsible for how I react.  It is a choice.  How do I make a better choice?  

So here are a few points to consider:

-Talking with or talking to:  Do I talk with or talk to my kids.  probably more to vs with.

-Plan for patience- We plan our work schedule but do I have a plan for when things get chaotic at my house?

-Plan to walk in the door not thinking about the stress of the day.

-No instruction manual for being a dad.  Unfortunately, there is no instruction manual on being a dad.  So how do we grow and imporve?  Find a group of guys that you can bond with and talk about these issues.


-Every response we give impacts our kids and marriage.

How do we get it?  Consider the 3 P’s for patience.

1. Prayer

2. Practice

3. Planning


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