How to create an environment of CALM!!

How often do you loose it with your kids and yell.  Unfortunaltely, I do it more that I’d like.  So to continue on the same path as my recent blog on patience, but this time talk about what our kids hear when we do that vs. what we are trying to say.  If you really want to have an eye opening experience, ask you kids what they think when you yell.  You Probably wont like the answer  I think that we communicate so much better at work because we have to plan out our answers. How many times have you written and re-written an email so you can convey the exact message with the right amount of emotion but ensuring your point is made?  Everyday?  Maybe we need to take some time before we answer our kids/wife at home. If you have teenagers, (as I do) you may be thinking….IMPOSSIBLE!!!  But it’s all about practice.  As we were all taught, practice makes perfect. Do we practice patience. Interestingly enough, this came up in our adult Sunday school class and the term “manage” was used as it relates to anger. My immediate thought was we trade out the term patience for anger because it sounds better. We prefer “I lost my patience” vs. I got angry. Second, I liked the term manage. Just like my point earlier, practice, we can use the term manage as well. If we want to be honest, we would say “I need to do a bette job managing my anger”.  

These are things I think about because I need to be thinking about them. If I can put it in words and in practice I will do a better job as a dad and husband with patience. Let me know your thoughts. Comment with suggestion, thoughts etc.  


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