Diy Microwave popcorn

An easy and healthier option for microwave popcorn. All you need is a paper sack (lunch style) popcorn kernels, olive oil and salt.  Grab your paper bag and let’s get started. 

Gather your supplies. To make it simple I grabbed a 1/3 measuring cup from the measuring cup and spoon organizer from a previous blog. 

Next is a 1/2 Table spoon. 

Fill the 1/3 cup with kernels. 

Pour in the bag

Add the oil 

Fold over twice

Place in Microwave

Set timer for 2:00 (give or take a minute depending on your microwave)

Listen for the kernels to slow popping and your ready to serve. 

Add some salt to taste!!

Delicious and easy microwave popcorn. 



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